We can help your in‑house teams

With over a decade of experience as a creative agency, we now share our tools and techniques with established companies looking to become more self‑reliant in digital creative production.

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Create connected.

Our tools and techniques can connect the dots between copywriters, designers, and product teams to bring clarity, increase efficiency, and gain alignment.

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Execute faster.

After years of working with formidable deadlines, we’ve discovered more efficient ways of producing creative. Drawing on this knowledge, we can help your team craft smarter ways to execute quickly.

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Scale smarter.

We guide teams to adopt clearer standards and better tools, which can streamline even the most behemoth of projects.

Vintage painting of a woman with microphone headset working for Bitbot, Inc. among others in a call center
Vintage painting of a woman with microphone headset working for Bitbot, Inc. among others in a call center

What kind of projects do we take?

  • Creative Consulting

    • Creative Strategy
    • Creative Production Workflow & Process
    • Design Standards & Best Practices
  • Creative Systems

    • Creative Tooling & Integrations
    • Custom Web Applications
    • Content Management Systems
  • Digital Design

    • Landing Pages
    • Email Marketing
    • Digital Banners

Why hire us? (in particular)

Over the years, we have learned that Bitbot is not the agency for everyone.

Here’s what makes us unique:

We are generalists at heart.

Not only are we well-suited to handle complex, cross‑disciplinary projects, but we prefer these kinds of challenges.

We are strategically‑minded.

We believe how we do things is just as important as what we do. Hire us if you crave an exacting perspective that is humble, thoughtful, and holistic.

We are detail‑obsessed.

Quality is in the details. For better or for worse, we only own fine‑toothed combs.

We are always client‑oriented.

When you hire us, your concerns become our concerns. Rely on us like an extension of your team.

Bitbot, Inc. delivery van arriving on time. A smiling serviceman approahces.
A smiling, working woman receiving calls to Bitbot, Inc.

We’d love to hear from you.

Bitbot is a fully‑distributed company, working coast‑to‑coast.


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